How to Cook Fish

salmon fillet

If you want to cook fish, it’s about time we make it as easy as possible. Most recipes that are found on line or in cookbooks will have a long list of ingredients that you will need to complete the meal.

Many people don’t want fancy when they cook fish, they want easy and tasty therefore what I am trying to do here is just give the basic, popular methods of cooking a piece of fish. Click on one of the following links and it will take you to basic instructions for preparing the meal.

How to cook fish with dry heat;

HOW TO BAKE FISH;In the oven, one of the easiest methods.
HOW TO BROIL FISH;Uses dry heat. Like grilling in the oven.
HOW TO GRILL FISH;For the great outdoors.

How to cook fish with water;

HOW TO POACH FISH;Very healthy method with no added oil.
HOW TO STEAM FISH ;Very good for retaining the natural flavor.

How to cook fish with oil;

HOW TO OVEN FRY FISH;Fried fish flavor without all the oil.
On top of the stove in hot oil
HOW TO SAUTE FISH ;In a frying pan with very little oil.
HOW TO DEEP FRY FISH;For that restaurant fried fish taste.

Types of Fish

You will find that there are many varieties available in markets throughout the United States and thanks to modern means of storage and transportation; varieties once unheard of are now common on the menus.
With this in mind I have put together a list of the most popular types sold in the United States. Click on types of fish and you will find a description of many that are found on the market today along with some links to the more popular ways of how to cook them.

The recipes that you will find on the link will walk you through the basics of that type of cooking without getting into fancy spices and sauces. It will let you put a tasty meal on the table without a long list of ingredients.
In different areas of the country some fish are known by different names. The link, regional names for fish lists many of these names with a link back to there most common names.

Fish is Good For You

With the huge emphasis on diet and good nutrition in today’s society, fish
stands out as one of today’s most important health foods. When you cook fish you get a good source of protein, supplying about 50 percent of the minimum daily requirement in just 1- six ounce serving.                                                                                                                                                    The calorie and fat content is also very low. The fat is mostly the polyunsaturated type which is believed to help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and help reduce coronary artery disease.                                                                                                                  They also have a variety of vitamins and minerals essential for good health. Niacin, thiamine and riboflavin in the vitamin column and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and copper in the mineral category. Some of these nutritional facts are posted on nutritional facts for fish.                                                      Above are various links that will lead you to descriptions of different types of fish with fins, what to look for when you buy and how to store them

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