grilled fish
For the best tasting   grilled fish, use meaty, thicker steaks or fillets like Salmon, Halibut, Tuna or mahi mahi. For fish that is ¾ inch thick or more it can be placed directly on the grill. Anything thinner than that should be placed on aluminum foil with holes poked in it, or on a specially designed rack or basket that is used to grill fish. If your fish comes with skin on leave it on until after cooking. It helps to hold the meat together and the skin will come off easier when it’s done cooking.
. Skinless fillets are best done on perforated aluminum foil.
. If you want to grill fish that is whole, leave the head and tail on, it helps seal in the juices.
. Don’t try to grill fish that is frozen. It is too hard to time properly.


. Start the coals about 30 minutes before cooking. You want the grill hot before you start.
. If using a gas grill preheat to a moderately high heat.
. To determine the temperature of the coals place you hand palm down over the fire at
the height the fish will be cooked.  Keep it there until it is uncomfortable.

If you can keep it there;
2 seconds, the fire is hot
3 seconds, the fire is moderate hot
4 seconds, the fire is moderate
5 seconds, the fire is low

. Wipe the fish with a damp cloth
. When the grill is hot clean the grates with a wire grill brush. The grill is easier to clean when the grates are hot.
. With a pair of tongs dip a piece of paper towel in vegetable or olive oil and coat the cleaned grates.
. Baste both sides of the fish with vegetable or olive oil and add seasonings. I just use salt and pepper.
. Place the fish on the grill and start timing.  If you are using aluminum foil or a fish basket coat it with oil before putting it on the grill.  Just oil the sides that will be touching the fish.

                                          HOW LONG TO COOK GRILLED FISH

. Grill fish for 10 minutes for every inch of thickness measured at the thickest part. If the
fish is less than ½ inch thick you shouldn’t have to turn it over.

.   1/4 inch cook for 2 1/2 minutes

.  1/2 inch thick cook for 5 minutes

.  3/4 inch thick cook for 7 ½ minutes, turn over after 4 minutes.

.  1 inch thick cook for 10 minutes and turn over after 6 minutes.

. You can baste the fish with oil during cooking to help retain moisture
.  Timing for grilling anything outdoors is only an approximation. Varying weather conditions can change the time quite a bit. You can check for doneness with a fork to see if the fish flakes and is opaque, not translucent however the best way to check is with a meat
thermometer. Fish is done at 145 degrees. Don’t let it get over done because it will dry out.

.When you take it off the grill make sure you use a clean plate, not one that was
used for the raw fish. A grill basket makes flipping and removing the fish much easier
Many people believe broiling fish in the oven can give similar results but to me
nothing compares with outdoor cooking.

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