Baked Fish

baked fish
For baked fish the only equipment you need is a pan or baking dish and an oven to cook it in. The fish can be placed in the dish with just oil or butter or you can add toppings depending on the end product you want. If you want a taste something similar to deep fried without all the fat, try dipping it in bread crumbs before you bake it. This method is similar to oven frying but doesn’t use as much oil and the oven is not quite as hot. To make cleanup easier, you can line the pan with aluminum foil, but this step is not absolutely necessary.

 Things you need for baked fish

Fish                                                                                                                                                                  . Butter, cooking oil or cooking spray
Flour, egg and bread crumbs, (this is only if you are doing the breaded version)
Baking dish or pan
Aluminum foil (optional)

Directions for baked fish

Pre heat the oven to 450 degrees.

Rinse the fish under cold water and pat it dry with a paper towel.

Grease the bottom of the baking dish using oil, butter or cooking spray.
However for easy clean up line the pan with aluminum foil and grease the top of the foil. For a crispy crust place the fish on as small rack and place the rack in the pan or baking dish.
Either way, place the fish in the pan and baste it with oil or butter.

If you want a crumb coating, you can sprinkle bread crumbs on the fish
before you baste it then sprinkle melted butter on top of the bread crumbs.
You can also dip the fish in flour, then beaten egg and then dip in bread crumbs.
The flour helps the egg stick to the fish.
If you are using fillets with skin on, place them skin side down.
If you are using thin fillets fold the ends under to try to get an even thickness.
Season with salt, pepper and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice or a pat of butter.
Cook for the required time. You shouldn’t need to turn the fish over.

How Long to bake Fish

If the fish is ½ inch thick, bake for 4 to 6 minutes
 bake fish 1 inch thick for 8 to 12 minutes
 bake fish  1 ½ inches for 14 to 16 minutes

If you are going to bake fish that is whole or if you want it stuffed, lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees instead of 450 and weigh the fish with the stuffing. Cook for 1 minute for every ounce of total weight. Example; if your fish, with stuffing weighs 2 pounds, cook it for 32 minutes. These times are approximate so remember to check often. When the fish is done the flesh should be opaque not translucent and it should flake easily when probed with a fork.  If using a meat thermometer when you bake fish, it will be done at 145 degrees.
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