Sea Bass,
Black Sea Bass

black sea bass

A large group of fish is given the name sea bass. However all are not actually bass. The black and the striped are the only two saltwater fish that are actually sea bass.  The White Sea bass, sometimes called corvina, is a saltwater member of the croaker family. The Chilean sea bass is a deep water fish which is actually a tooth fish. The giant sea bass, the largest of the group, is actually a grouper. Fifty eight varieties of fish fall into the sea bass term since they similar good taste in addition to a slight resemblance in appearance.

In the United States they are on the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to the west coast of Florida.

They are popular for both sport and commercial fishing although strict fishing regulations are enforced.  As a result of this, when the commercial limit is reached, the recreational season is over.

They are a slow growing fish with a life span of about 8 years for females and 12 years for males. The size can vary from the common sea bass which averages 2 pounds, to the giant sea, can reach 600 pounds. The color is different with each species and can range from black to brick red.  The barred sand bass, which grows to 25 inches in length, the black sea bass, up to 7 pounds and the kelp bass, up to 14 pounds are all popular varieties.

Cooking sea bass

Homemade Sea Bass


The meat is very firm, layered and is mild in flavor. The most popular methods of cooking are to Bake, Broil, Grill or sauté. Check these links for easy ways to cook.

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