Striped Bass


striped bassThe striped bass is a saltwater fish. The Atlantic coast is it’s home and they can be found from Canada to the gulf of Mexico. They have also been introduced successfully to the Pacific coast and many inland lakes across the United States.  Striped bass naturally spends it’s life in saltwater however they live in freshwater rivers and streams where they go to spawn.

They are a favorite fish of many sportsmen however since 2007 it has protected by law from commercial fishing. Sometimes called squid hound, rockfish, greenhead, striper, linesider or pimp fish. They are a streamlined fish that averages 2 to 50 pounds although they have been known to reach 125 pounds and 6 feet in length.  They have olive green on top with a silver belly and  7 or 8 dark horizontal stripes and can live up to 30 years old. It is the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

Cooking striped bass



It has a tender firm flesh that is mild, yet flavorful. The most popular ways of cooking are to bake, broil, panfry, oven fry, sauté, poach or grill. Use these links for simple ways to cook striped bass.
How to bake fish
panfry fish
SAUTEFISH                                       poach fish
grill fish
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