White Sea Bass
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The white sea bass is not really a bass. It  is actually the largest member of the saltwater drum or croaker family. They are capable of making a noise by vibrating their bladder therefore they have been given the family name. It is mostly  found on the west coast in California waters.  They are found as far north as Alaska when the waters are warm. It is a schooling fish important to both sport and commercial fishing because of it’s large size and good taste. Closely resembling the Atlantic weakfish, the white sea bass has an elongated body with a  steel blue back. It has dark speckles on the sides that fade into a silver belly.   A couple of names under which they can be found are Corvina or king croaker. They can grow to as much as 83 pounds and 5 feet in length.

Cooking White Sea Bass


The white sea bass is a firm textured fish. It has mild, slightly sweet flavor that is very low in fat. The best ways of cooking are sautéing, pan frying, oven frying or broil. Click on a link for simple ways of cooking white sea bass;
How to sauté fish
OVEN FRY FISH                          broil fish
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