The black bass is the most popular type of bass found in the United States. A member of the freshwater sunfish family, it is one of the favorites of sports fisherman all over North America. There are two species of black bass, the smallmouth and the largemouth. The largemouth has an olive green to black color on the back and faint vertical stripes. The smallmouth is browner in color and has red eyes.


Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass—click photo for picture credits

The largemouth is the larger of the two black bass. It averages around 2 pounds but has been known to reach 25 pounds and 24 inches in length. It is known as one of the best freshwater fighting fish, said to attack anything that it thinks is alive. The fish is known by many different names depending on the region. Some of the common names are wide mouth , bigmouth, black bass, bucketmouth, green trout, linesides, green, Oswego, Potter’s and Florida Bass. The large mouth is the state fish of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee. It can be found in all of States but is more popular and more abundant in the southern states where they grow much larger. The largemouth will take on a slight muddy flavor if taken from muddy water yet they will remain mild and fine flavored if taken from clear water.


Smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu)

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Because of its intolerance for pollution, the smallmouth  is found in clear, cooler waters of central United States. Its region is not nearly as widespread as the largemouth. Some of the regional names are smallmouth, bronzeback, brown, brownie, smallie, and bronze bass. The smallmouth averages 1 pound and can grow up to 12 pounds. It is more brown than its cousin, the largemouth especially if found in darker water. If found in sandy areas the smallmouth takes on a lighter, almost yellowish color. Like the largemouth bass it will take on a slight muddy flavor if taken from muddy water yet it will remain mild and fine flavored if taken from clear water. The best ways for cooking Black bass are to ; Pan Fry, deep fry, oven fry or broil

Sea Bass

The term sea bass is used for a large group of fish which are not all actually bass. The black sea and the striped are the two saltwater fish that are actually bass. The white Sea, sometimes called corvina, is a saltwater member of the croaker family. There are about 58 varieties that are grouped into the sea bass term mainly because of their similar good taste and slight resemblance in appearance.

The sea bass is native to both oceans. The size can vary from the common sea which averages 2 pounds, to the giant sea bass which is actually a grouper, can reach 600 pounds. The color is different with each species and can range from black to brick red. Some of the other popular varieties are the barred sand bass, which grows to 25 inches in length, the black sea bass, up to 7 pounds and the kelp, up to 14 pounds.  They generally have a very firm, layered flesh that is mild in flavor. The most popular methods of cooking are baking, broiling  or sautéing.


The striped bass is a saltwater fish which is native to both coasts and can be found in freshwater rivers and streams where it goes to spawn. It is a favorite fish by many sportsmen but it is protected by law from commercial fishing. Sometimes called squid hound, rockfish, greenhead or striper, the striped bass is olive green on top with a silver belly and has 7 or 8 dark horizontal stripes. It averages 2 to 50 pounds but has been known to reach 125 pounds and 6 feet in length. It has a tender firm flesh that is mild yet flavorful. Bake, Broil, Panfry, Oven fry, Sauté, Poach or grill



The white bass, sometimes called sand bass, is a freshwater fish found in deep lakes and rivers throughout the Midwest. It is silver or yellowish in color with 7 dark, horizontal streaks. It’s average weight is 1 to 2 pounds but they can grow to 4 pounds and over 18 inches in length. The white bass is the state fish of Oklahoma.  It is a moderately fat fish with a fairly fishy taste. The most popular ways of cooking are to Sauté , Pan Fry, Oven fry or bake


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white sea bass—for photo credits click picture

The white Sea bass, sometimes called corvina, is a saltwater member of the croaker family found on the west coast from Alaska to California. It is a schooling fish important to both sport and commercial fishing. Closely resembling the Atlantic weakfish, the white Sea bass has a steal blue back with a silver belly. It has been known to grow to 83 pounds and 5 feet in length. Its meat is mild in flavor and very low in fat. Sauté   ’ Panfry, Oven fry or Broil