Buffalo fish

BUFFALO FISH buffalo fishThe buffalo fish is a freshwater, carp like fish which belongs to the sucker family. It lives mostly in the mid western states but shows up all the way from Canada to Mexico. They are very similar to the carp with the large scales but they lack the whisker like appendages that the carp have.

There are three main varieties, the bigmouth, the smallmouth and the black buffalo fish. The big mouth is a large member of the sucker family which can grow to over 65 pounds and 4 feet in length. It is dull brownish in color. It is mainly lives in shallow, slow moving rivers and streams and survives well in muddy or cloudy water.

The smallmouth buffalo fish has a light brown or coppery colored back with a greenish tint and a belly that ranges from yellow to white.  Unlike the bigmouth it has a sucker like mouth which points downward and have been caught as large as 80 pounds.
The black buffalo is the smallest of the three varieties. They average 10-30 pounds and 20-30 inches in length however they have been caught as large as 55.5 pounds. It is slate to bronzy in color and has a ventral mouth similar to the big mouth buffalo.

Cooking Buffalo fish

Buffalo Fish


It can be a mild flavored fish if taken from clear waters but can take on a muddy taste if taken from dirty water. Its flesh is soft with a moderate fat content. Therefore the best way to cook it is to bake, broil, poach or steam.
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