BULLHEAD bullheadThe Bullhead is a freshwater scavenger fish found on the bottom of lakes and rivers throughout the Midwest. Actually called the bullhead catfish, it is a small member of the larger catfish family. It  seldom reaches 12 inches in length and anything in the five to seven pound range is very rare. They are similar in appearance to the catfish having the feelers or barbs around their mouth. Generally feeding at night, they use these feelers to help them find food.  Their squared tails distinguishes them from the catfish. The catfish have forked tails.

The bullhead has the ability to survive in water that is muddy or clear. They can also live in warmer waters that are low in oxygen. It is a bottom feeder that will eat almost anything. Its meat is reddish in color, not white like most of  the other catfish. Sometimes called horned pout, they can range in color from yellowish to dark brown or black. There are three different species of bullhead catfish, the black, the brown and the yellow bullhead.

Cooking Bullhead

If caught in clear water the bullhead can have a mild flavor. However they can take on a muddy taste if taken from dirty or muddy water. It has a firm meat that is low in fat unless taken in the warmer summer waters. Then it’s meat tends to get mushy. The best way to cook them is to pan fry, deep fry or broil. Click on one of the following links for easy directions for cooking How to broil fish how to deep fry fish How to panfry fish you need information on shellfish check out For information on other fish and how to cook them go to