carpThe carp is a freshwater member of the minnow family which live in muddy rivers and shallow lakes in all parts of the United States.

Known as German or common carp, there are 3 main varieties which live in the U.S. The scaled  has a full complement of scales while the mirror has just a few scales and the leather has no scales at all. The picture shows them from left to right in that order. They  average in size  from 5 to 10 pounds and 15 to 28 inches in length although they have been known to reach 60 pounds and 40 inches in length. When fisherman take carp from muddy water they have a yellow to olive color, however if they are taken from clear water their color seems to be more silver.

Anglers do not prize them because of their muddy taste. However if you soak them in saltwater for a few hours before cooking the meat can be quite good. Because of their very oily flesh they are often used for smoking. They have a relatively firm flesh.

Cooking Carp

Carp fillet video 08.18.2009 092

CARP Click on the picture for photo credits

The best way to cook is to Bake, Broil Poach or Oven fry. Click on a link to see easy ways of cooking carp.
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