Albacore Tuna


wild albacore tuna, Steveston Fish Market, Richmond

Albacore Tuna —Click picture for photo credits

Most people consider Albacore tuna to be the choicest of the four kinds of tuna. It has a  light colored flesh and mild flavor therefore the market has  given it the name “chicken of the sea”. Albacore is the only tuna that can be sold as white meat tuna in the United States. Also known as long fin tuna it can be distinguished by its long pointed tail, its metallic blue back and its silvery bottom. They live in the temperate waters off the shores of southern California. The albacore tuna weighs on average 10 to 60 pounds however it has been known to reach 93 pounds and 5 feet in length. It has a rather chewy, layered meat with a mild flavor and a high fat content. After cooking it will have a light tan color and can be a little dry if over cooked.

Cooking Albacore Tuna



Tuna–Click picture for photo credits

The best way to cook it is to Saute, Pan fry, Oven fry , Bake, Broil, Poach or Grill. For easy ways of cooking Tuna click on one of these links.
oven fry fish
bake fish
poach fish 
For information on other fish and how to cook them go to However if you need information on shellfish check out

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