Grilled Arctic Char

. Wipe the Arctic Char with a damp cloth and make sure all the scales are gone .
. When the grill is hot, clean the grates with a wire grill brush. The grill is easier to clean when the grates are hot.
. With a pair of tongs dip a piece of paper towel in vegetable or olive oil and coat the cleaned grates where you will be placing the fish. .grill fish
. With a sharp knife make 2 or 3 slits just through the skin of the arctic char. This helps prevent the fillet from  curling.                                . Baste both sides of the fish with vegetable or olive oil and add seasonings. I just use salt and pepper.
. Place the fish on the grill and start timing.  If you are using aluminum foil or a fish basket coat it with oil before putting it on the grill.  Just oil the sides that will be touching the fish. Timing for grilling anything outdoors is only an approximation. Varying weather conditions can change the time quite a bit. Cook the arctic char covered for about 4 minutes. Turn the fish over and cook for another 4 minutes.  You can check for doneness with a fork to see if the fish flakes and is opaque, not translucent. The best way to check is with a meat thermometer. Fish is done at 145 degrees. Don’t let it get over done. It will dry out.         When you take it off the grill make sure you use a clean plate, not one that was used for the raw fish. A grill basket makes flipping and removing the fish much easier.