The cobia is a fairly new entry into the U.S fish market. They live in warm waters throughout the world and also in U.S. waters on the Atlantic coast.

The cobia has a slim body with a flat head and a protruding lower jaw. It is a dark brown with a white belly and a dark stripe from the eye to the tail. It has a smooth skin with small scales. They have been known to reach 150 pounds and 78 inches in length.

Cobia exist under many regional names with some of the more common ones being black kingfish, ling and lemon fish. They are prized by sports fisherman because of their size and great tasting meat They do not travel in large schools so their commercial importance isn’t as great. Because of this, the majority of cobia on the market is farmed in Asia, Panama, Mexico and recently the United States. It can grow to over 10 pounds in the first year therefore its future in fish farms is very promising.

Cooking Cobia

Cobia meat is light tan which turns snow white with cooking. It has a rich sweet flavor with a taste compared to mahi mahi and an oil content compared to salmon. The best way to prepare cobia is to bake, broil, grill, and sauté or poach.
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