cuskThe cusk or tusk, which it is sometimes called,  is a saltwater cod-like fish which is member of the ling family. They live on the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to the arctic region normally  in water deeper than sixty feet with rocky bottoms.

The  cusk has a back that’s color ranges from gray to reddish brown yet it’s belly has a dirty white appearance. A younger fish may have faint yellow vertical bars.  It is similar in shape to the hake or whiting having a long body and a back fin running the full length of the fish. They have  a large mouth and a single barbell under their chin.

They are sometimes found under the name of brismak, torsk or moomfish. Many people also give the name cusk to the burbot. The burbot is a freshwater member of the cod family which is similar in appearance.

The  cusk is a slow moving, bottom feeder and has been known to grow to 27 pounds and 3 ½ feet in length but it averages 1 to 4 pounds. They are not a schooling fish therefore they are usually found foraging alone. They mature at about 5-6 years although they have a life expectancy of about 15 years.

How to Cook Cusk

WTF is Cusk

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The cusk is a lean fish with a mild, sweet flavor and a texture similar to lobster. The best way to cook it is to bake, broil, deep fry, poach or steam. For ways of cooking cusk , click on one of these links.
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