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Red drum

Red Drum––Click on picture for photo credits

The drum is a saltwater member of the croaker family and gets its name because of its ability to make a drumming or croaking sound by vibrating its air bladder.  This is believed to be a mating call. This is common to all of the croakers.

They are found in warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Cod to Mexico. There are many different varieties of ocean drum and they go by names such as  redfish, channel bass, spot tail, oyster cracker, drum fish, red, striped, sea , puppy, gray, oyster, black and big drum.

The redfish, is one of Florida’s most popular sport fish. It is reddish in color and has a black spot near its tail. The black is the largest of the family and can reach 113 pounds. It is grayish to black in color. It’s very powerful teeth and jaws can be used for crushing oysters and other shellfish.  Some southern restaurants have given the name puppy to the  small black drum.

 How to Cook Ocean Drum

They are a lean fish with moderate flavor. If the fish is over 15 pounds, the meat tends to be tough. The best way to prepare is to Saute, Pan Fry, Oven fry, Bake or broil. Click on one of these links for information on cooking.
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