Kelp Greenling

Kelp Greenling––Click on picture for photo credits

A family of fish from the Pacific Ocean, greenling is sometimes referred to as rock trout or tommy cod however they are commercially known as sea trout.

Their average size is from 2 to 4 pounds and about 21 inches in length however the ling cod, which is a member of the greenling family, can grow to 5 feet and over 80 pounds.

The ling cod and the kelp greenling are the two most popular on the market. They are found in shallow coastal waters of the Pacific coast from Alaska to Baja California. They range in color from brown to blue or green with a lighter belly and also have the ability to change color according to their surroundings. The males generally are brighter in color than the females. The greenling is a good eating fish and is of importance to the fishing industry. They are of importance to sport fishing but not as much for commercial fishing.

Cooking Greenling

They have a delicate flavor and are low in fat. Their very flaky, firm flesh is very mild in flavor and remains moist after cooking. The best way to prepare greenling is to Saute, Pan Fry, Broil, Deep fry, Oven fry, Poach or Steam . Click on one of the following links for easy ways to cook greenling.
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