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The grouper is a member of the sea bass family that lives in warm water of the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil. The most common on the market today is the red grouper with the gag and the scamp also being very popular. The red  is brownish red in color and is very popular because of it’s size, up to 50 pounds, and its great taste. The gag is lighter, brownish-gray in color and can grow to 80 pounds. The scamp, also known as the brown grouper is the smallest of the three, under 30 pounds.

Most groupers mature as females at about 3-7  years of age. After that they have the ability to change from female to male as they grow. Their life expectancy  is about 25 years. They have a shape similar to the pacific rockfish and some species, such as the Nassau grouper, have the ability to change color up to 8 times in a matter of minutes.   Commonly they are found in the 10 pound range, however they often go over 100 pounds. They can be found under such names as calico, coney, gag, jewfish, polka dot and Nassau grouper.  Both sport and commercial fishermen consider this fish important especially in the Gulf of Mexico. Farming this fish is starting to get more popular in the far-east and in Australia.

Cooking Grouper


Grouper––Click on picture for photo credits

Grouper flesh is white, firm and very mild in flavor and low in fat. After cooking it will have a pale tint and will remain moist. The most popular way of cooking is to Bake Broil, Saute, Oven fry, Pan Fry, grill or poach. Click on one of the links for easy ways of cooking grouper.
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