#1244 Pacific halibut (タイヘイヨウオヒョウ)

Halibut––Click on picture for photo credits

Known as “The king of the flatfish”, the halibut is the largest member of the flatfish belonging to the flounder family. They can reach over 500 pounds and 9 feet in length.  They are a demersal fish which means they live and feed near the bottom of the sea.

Halibut start out their life swimming like many other fish, vertically, with one eye on each side of it’s head however at about 6 months one eye merges to the other side. At this time it starts to take the shape of a flatfish and swims horizontally. The side with the eyes turns dark however the other side stays white.

Halibut lives in the cold waters of both coasts. The Atlantic halibut, which is also the largest in size, is becoming scarce and could be put on the endangered species list. The Atlantic halibut lives in cooler water north of New Jersey. In the Pacific Ocean it can be found from California to Japan. Sometimes called albato, the halibut is brown on the topside with a white belly. Many people consider it’s meat to be one of the choicest of all ocean fish. Because of it’s great taste they are very important to both sport and commercial fishing.  This helps make it is a large contributor to Alaska’s tourism business.

Cooking Halibut

Halibut Loin Steak - Frozen

Halibut––Click on picture for photo credits

Halibut has a very mild, chewy, layered flesh that is very low in fat. It remains white and very moist after cooking. The best way to cook halibut is to Bake, Broil, Grill, Oven fry, Pan fry, Poach, Saute or steam. Click on one of the following links for directions for cooking.                                            How to bake fish,                                 HOW TO BROIL FISH,                        How to grill fish,                                  HOW TO OVEN FRY FISH,              HOW TO PANFRY Fish,                     How to poach fish,                             HOW TO SAUTE FISH ,                      how to steam fish

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