Atlantic Salmon


Atlantic salmon at Maritime Aquarium

Atlantic Salmon––Click on picture for photo credits

The Atlantic salmon lives on both the east and west coast of the United States. Generally it is taken from saltwater in the Atlantic from Maine to Labrador. It is also lives in freshwater lakes and streams. They go to freshwater streams to spawn just like its pacific cousins. When they live in lakes that do not empty into the ocean they are known as landlocked salmon and sometimes called ouananiche. They do not need saltwater to survive.

The landlocked is the state fish of Maine. Although the Atlantic salmon is native to the Atlantic ocean is has recently been introduced to the Pacific Ocean. On both coasts it is very popular with sport fishing. Due to high demand commercial farming has become a big business. More than 95 percent of it found on the market has been raised in fish farms therefore commercial fishing for them is almost non-existent. Chili is one of the biggest suppliers of farm raised Atlantic salmon to the United States. They have a steel blue back and silver sides with many dark, cross shaped spots that have light blue halos. They are also known as silver, landlocked, bay, Sebago and Kennebec. The Atlantic salmon averages 10 pounds and 30 inches in length and has been known to reach 79 pounds.

Cooking Atlantic

It has a firm, layered meat that is rich in flavor and very high in fat and remains moist after cooking. The best ways of cooking it is to bake, broil, poach or grill. Click on one of the links for easy ways to cook .
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