turbotThe turbot is a member of the flatfish family found primarily in sandy shallow waters close to shore. It has a greenish brown to black top with a white bottom. It is very similar in appearance to flounder and sole.

The European version, which is of much better quality, can grow up to 55 pounds. The Europeans are raising turbot in fish farms but these are much smaller, averaging 2 to 4 pounds. It is usually available only as frozen fillets in the United States.  Like other flatfish, its fillets are white and mild in flavor with a moderate fat content. The American version which is much smaller than the wild European version only grows to about 2 pounds and 18 inches in length. The United States version is not nearly as good in flavor or low in fat as the European turbot and its meat can sometimes be a little mealy. The Greenland turbot and some flounders found on the west coast that are sold as turbot are some of these versions.


Turbot dinner

Turbot—–Click picture for photo credits

It has meat that is mild and tender and the best way to cook is to bake, steam, sauté, pan fry or poach. Click on one of the following links for easy directions for cooking.
how to bake fish
  steam fish
poach fish 
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