WEAKFISHThe weakfish receives its name because of its tender lips which are easily torn by fishermen’s hooks. It is a member of the drum family. Like other drum it is capable of producing drum like sounds by vibrating muscles around its air bladder. However in the weakfish, only the male is able to produces these sounds.

Both sport and commercial fishermen search for the weakfish. On the east coast it lives in a range  from Nova Scotia to Florida. It has a dark olive green back with tinges of purple. They have gold or green on its sides and a white to silver belly. The weakfish averages 1 to 3 pounds however they have been known to reach 17 pounds and 32 inches in length. Some other commonly used names are sea trout, gray sea trout, sand sea trout, spotted sea trout, speckled sea trout, gator trout, shad trout, summer trout, sun trout, gray weakfish, squeteague, squit and tide runner.


Its tender firm flesh is mild in flavor and low in fat.
The best way to cook it is to Saute, Pan fry, Oven fry, Bake or Broil. Click on one of the following links for directions for cooking.
Pan fry,
Oven fry,
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