Closely related to the trout and salmon, the whitefish is abundant in north eastern United States and Canada, primarily in the great lakes region. It has a gray back with silver sides and averages 1 to 4 pounds but can reach as high as 15 pounds and 30 inches in length. The whitefish is a commercially important fish. It can be found whole, in fillet form and because of it’s high fat content makes a very good candidate for smoked fish. The cisco, a small member of the species, is also generally smoked because of its size and high oil content. In some areas the whitefish is also known as shad, lake herring, blue back and ostego bass.


Its tender flesh is fairly mild in flavor and high in fat content.

Whitefish Fillets


The best way to cook whitefish is to Saute, Pan fry, Deep fry, Oven fry, Poach, Steam, Bake or Broil. Click on one of the following links for directions for cooking.
Saute, Pan fry, Deep fry, Oven fry, Poach, Steam, Bake or Broil.
For information on other fish and how to cook them go to http://tocookafish.com/fish-index.      If you need information on shellfish check out http://tocookashellfish.com/


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