How to Store Fish

To Store Fish In The Refrigerator

If you want to store fish in the refrigerator it should be done as soon as possible. If you can’t use it within 2 days it should be frozen. To store fish in the refrigerator clean the fish, wrap it and place it in a covered container in the coldest part of the refrigerator.
To clean the fish wash it under cold running water. If whole fish are slimy put them under hot water just long enough to rinse off the slime then change to cold water. After washing the fish (whole, steaks or fillets), pat them dry, wrap them and refrigerate.

To Store Fish In The Freezer

The best way to store fish in the freezer is by coating it with a thin glaze of ice. When you buy frozen fish it is usually glazed for longer storage. To glaze a piece of frozen fish, place an unwrapped piece of fish on a plate and put it in the freezer. Don’t leave it in the freezer uncovered too long, just until it is hard.As soon as it is frozen solid, dip the fish pieces in a bowl of cold water. Do this one piece at a time. A thin sheet of ice should form on the fish. Wait about 10 seconds and dip them again. When you dip the fish don’t linger in the water just a quick in and out. As soon as this is done wrap the fish well in freezer paper and put it in the freezer. Don’t forget to label it and date it. For small pieces of fish you can freeze them in a block of ice. Place the fish in a plastic container and fill it with water. When the water is frozen remove it from the bowl and put it plastic freezer bags. If your fish is an oily type you should be able to keep it for 2 -3 months. If it is lean, you can store fish frozen for up to  4-6 months. Fish can be wrapped in freezer paper and frozen without glazing, but you should not keep it as long if you don’t glaze it.

To thaw fish, rinse it under cold running water to wash off the ice and thaw the rest in the refrigerator. It normally takes 24 hours to thaw a 1 pound block of fish. Slow thawing in the refrigerator helps to preserve the taste and the texture but if you are in a hurry place the fish in cold water for 1-2 hours. Do not thaw fish at room temperature. Thawing fish at room temperature or under warm water causes a loss in both flavor and moisture. You should not refreeze fish. Refreezing causes the delicate fibers in fish to break down thus speeding up the spoilage of the fish. It also causes a loss in flavor.
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