lingThe ling is a long slender, cod-like fish living in the deep cold waters of the North Atlantic. It has a broad, slightly flattened head with a chocolate brown back and a dark horizontal stripe running almost the entire length of the fish. The fish is prized by commercial fishermen and averages 20-30 pounds but can reach 103 pounds and 71 inches in length. It can also be found under the names cobia, lemon fish, ling cod and sergeant fish. It’s taste and texture is similar to cod. People often substitute it in recipes calling for cod.

                                                  How to Cook Ling


Ling––Click on picture for photo credits

It has a firm, white meat that is mild in flavor and low in fat. The best way to prepare is to, Bake, Broil, Pan fry or Oven fry. Click on one of the following links for directions for cooking.

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