The mackerel is a large abundant family of fish and it is a close relative of the tuna. They are found in the temperate and tropical waters of both oceans. The Pacific mackerel lives in waters from Alaska to Mexico and the Atlantic version lives in the area from Labrador to Brazil.

Known as the wolves of the sea, they pursue their prey at speeds up to 50 miles per hour, also some have the ability to jump as high as 20 feet out of the water. The average weight is about 2 pounds although the king mackerel, sometimes called kingfish can reach 100 pounds.  It has great speed, size and fighting ability therefore it is very popular with sports fishermen. They are a torpedo shaped fish with a blue back that has 25 to 30, dark, vertical stripes. Their sides and belly have a lighter color. Some of the different types  are the Atlantic, the chub, the king, the Pacific, the Spanish and the cero. However the Spanish mackerel is the only one found on both coasts. In different areas they can be found under the names like Boston or spotted mackerel, sierra, spike, tinker and cavalla.

How to cook mackerel

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They have a soft, flaky meat with a distinctive, rich, fishy flavor. It’s meat is high in fat, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and remains very moist after cooking. The best way to cook  is to poach, Broil or Bake. For easy ways of cooking click on one of the following links.
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