Mullets live in warm coastal waters throughout the world and occasionally enter freshwater streams. They travel in large schools and are commercially very important especially in the Florida area.

It is a silvery fish with a gray to green back. They  can grow to 14 pounds and 3 feet in length however they have been caught at around 30 pounds. They come in 6 varieties, the jumping mullet, the black, the sand, the white, the silver and the striped mullet. Of these the black and the striped mullet are the most important from the Florida area.


Its tender flesh varies from mild to muddy tasting depending on the type and area from which it comes. If taken from clear water it can have a somewhat sweet, nutty flavor.   It has a high fat content and is commonly found smoked. The best way to cook is to Pan fry, Broil, Oven fry, sauté or Bake. Click on a link for easy ways of cooking catfish.
how to bake fish
broil fish
oven fry fish
sauté                                                                                                                                                      Pan fry,
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