Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy)

Muskellunge––Click on picture for photo credits

A large member of the freshwater pike family, the muskellunge averages 15 pounds although it can grow to 69 pounds and 5 feet in length. It is the largest of the pike
family and closely resembles the northern pike and the pickerel.  The northern pike and the muskie, as they are often called, are so similar in appearance that many anglers confuse them. One reliable way to tell them apart is by the sensory pores on the underside of their jaw. The muskellunge will have six or more pores on each side however the northern pike will have five or less.

The muskie is a long, tubular fish with a flat head and large duckbill like jaws with many very sharp teeth.  It has dark vertical bars over a greenish brown or silvery body. The muskellunge is known as the “barracuda of freshwater fish”. It will attack its prey voraciously, sometimes even consuming ducks. It lives in the deep cold waters of the great lakes region and the upper Mississippi and is the state fish of Wisconsin. Muskellunge also go by the name of muskie, great pike, lunge, and tiger pike.

Cooking Muskellunge

It has a firm flesh that is fairly mild in flavor with a moderate fat content. The best way to cook them is to Pan fry, bake, broil or poach. Click on one of the following links for directions for cooking.

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