Northern Pike

northern pikeThe NORTHERN PIKE is a freshwater member of the pike family and is a popular game fish of northern United States and Canada. It lives in all types of water and prefers vegetation for hiding while hunting its food.

It is the state fish of North Dakota. The northern has an elongated body with a duckbill shaped head and very many sharp teeth. They are very similar to the muskellunge in appearance, habits and taste.  It is greenish to yellowish in color with pale spots and averages 3 pounds and 15-38 inches in length but has reached 46 pounds and 52 inches in length. It also goes by the names of , chain sides, common pike, snake, great lakes pike and the most common, just plain northern. The northern is a good tasting fish but is not sought after for food because of the many bones which can be hard to remove, especially in smaller fish.

Cooking Northern Pike

Its firm flesh is low in fat with a mild fishy taste. The best way to cook northern pike is to Pan fry, Deep fry, Broil or Bake.
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