Ocean Perch


ocean perchThe ocean perch is a family of fish closely related to the Pacific rockfish. The ocean perch of the Atlantic are not actually perch. They are a member of the rockfish family. On the Atlantic coast markets sometimes sell these fish as redfish because of its bright red color, but it should not be confused with the redfish of the gulf area which is actually a member of the drum family. The Atlantic perch (rockfish) lives from Maine to Labrador.    Known as long jaw rockfish in the Pacific, it can be found in cold water from Alaska to southern California in water up to 1200 feet deep.  It has a color that ranges from grayish or brownish red to bright orange with lighter colored sides and belly and can grow to 13 pounds and 24 inches in length.

Cooking Ocean Perch

filet of ocean perch

Ocean Perch––Click on picture for photo credits

Ocean perch has a firm texture and is low in fat. It can have a mild to fishy taste depending on where it is caught. The best way to cook ocean perch is to pan fry, oven fry, broil or sauté. Click on one of the following links for directions for cooking.
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