atlantic pollack

Fishermen often refer to them as green cod, Boston Bluefish, Blue Cod, Blue Snapper, Coalfish, Coley or Saithe. The Pollack is a member of the cod family that lives in the cold waters of the North Atlantic from Nova Scotia to Virginia.

It has a brownish green back with a Smokey grey or yellowish belly. They average 4 to 12 pounds and 2 to 3 feet in length but have been known to reach 46 pounds. The Pollack is a fast growing fish but usually does not live more than 15 years. Like its cousin the cod, it is a bottom feeding fish. The Pollack is abundant fish and is commercially important. It is being used widely in the production of fish sticks and other breaded products. It is also one of the most common used fish when making artificial crab meat.


It has a tender, white flaky meat that is fairly strong flavored compared to other whitefish. The best ways to cook Atlantic Pollack is to deep fry, bake, broil, pan fry, steam or poach.
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