Salmon, Pink


pink salmon
The pink salmon is the smallest however the most abundant salmon of the Pacific Ocean. It averages only 3 to 6 pounds however it has been known to reach 30 pounds and 38 inches in length.

They live in the north Pacific from Oregon to Alaska and in freshwater streams where they go to spawn. Commercial fishermen find the pink very important in the north Pacific however the fish is not farmed very aggressively. During migration the male fish will develop a hump on its back and are therefore called humpies or humpback salmon. They have a bright gray to blue back with small black spots and a silver belly although when it goes to freshwater it turns to a dull gray or green with an off-white belly. The male sides have a reddish tint and the female have a greenish tint. They get their name from the color of their meat.


Pink salmon have a firm layered flesh that has a distinctive rich flavor and is high in fat and will remain moist after cooking. The best way to cook pink salmon is to bake, broil poach or steam. For tips on cooking check out these links.

bake fish
poach fish
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