Sea Trout


Sea Trout

Sea Trout— on picture for photo credits

The SEA TROUT is a very popular fish that lives on the Atlantic coast from New York to the Gulf of Mexico and are most popular from Virginia to Texas. Both commercial and sports fishermen fish for them although most are caught by the sport fishermen.

They are closely related to the weakfish. In different areas they can be found under different names like Speck, speckles, spotted weakfish, spotted seateague, salmon trout and speckled or spotted sea trout.

They are a member of the drum family. Like the drum, it makes a drumming sound with its air bladder during the mating season.  The larger fish take on an appearance similar to a salmon. They have a dark grey or green back with silver sides. Sea trout average from 1 to 4 pounds but they can grow to as much as 19 pounds.   The life span of this fish can be as high as 12 years however  the average age of fish caught is in the 3-4 year range.
Smaller sea trout have sharp canine style teeth therefore this enables them to feast on shrimp and other crustaceans. The large ones typically eat other fish, like mullets, up to 1/3 their own size.
Its meat deteriorates very quickly, therefore it is important to keep fresh fish very cold.



Butterflied Sea Trout

Sea Trout–—Click on picture for photo credits

The sea trout is an oily fish with a mild flavor and the smaller fish are generally better eating. Baking, broiling, deep frying and oven frying are the best ways to cook them. Here are some links for simple instructions for cooking
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