An ocean fish from both coastlines, the shad lives in the Pacific ocean with a range that extends from Mexico to Alaska and in the Atlantic from Mexico to New Found land. They, like the salmon, are born in freshwater then it migrates to the sea. It  lives at sea and then migrates to freshwater rivers to spawn. This is where they are caught commercially and are known as river herring.

The largest member of the herring family it has been known to reach 14 pounds and 3 feet in length although the market size is normally about 3-5 pounds.  Shad is a silver colored fish with a bluish- green back and a prominent dark spot directly behind the gills followed vertically by as few lighter ones. It has a deeply forked tail and is a very boney fish therefore markets  usually sell it whole for baking.


Their meat is grayish in color and turns from pink to brown when cooked. The darker meat is richer in flavor. The shad has mild fishy flavor and is high in fat content. The best way to cook shad is to broil, steam,  sauté, Poach or Bake. Click on a link for easy directions for cooking.
bake fish
poach fish 
how to steam fish
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