The shark is an ocean fish found throughout the world in tropic and sub tropic waters. It is a slow growing fish and produces few young; therefore there are many fishing regulations.  It has meat that has a taste and texture similar to swordfish although it is virtually boneless. Where the skin of the swordfish is smooth, the skin of the shark feels like sandpaper.  It ranges in color from off white to black and can grow to hundreds of pounds. Some common types of edible shark are the grayfish, soup fin, brown smooth hound, bull leopard, thresher, tiger and the mako . Of these the mako  is considered the best eating and is the largest catch commercially. The mako can grow to over 1500 pounds however the average market size is about 125 pounds. The life span varies with the type of shark but the average is 20-30 years.


The shark has a meat like texture with a rich distinctive, slightly sweet flavor that is fairly low in fat. It is pink to muddy-red in color and turns white when cooked. The best way to cook shark is to sauté,  The best way to cook it is to broil, bake, poach, steam or grill.  Click on a link below for easy ways of cooking.
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