Silver Salmon



Silver Salmon–—Click on picture for photo credits

The silver or coho salmon is also known as hooknose or skowitz. They are abundant in the Pacific ocean north of Oregon however they can also live in freshwater streams where they go to spawn. It is a very important fish both for sport and commercial fishing although about 85 percent of all them sold are farm raised. The silver salmon has a metallic- blue to greenish blue back and a silver belly when it is in the ocean. When they return to freshwater to spawn their jaws become hooked and their color changes to a bright red with a greenish head. The silver salmon averages 6 to 12 pounds and 2 to 3 feet in length. However they have been known to reach 30 pounds. Its meat ranges from pink to deep salmon in color.


Mom's - Dinner

Silver Salmon––Click on picture for photo credits

They have a firm layered meat that has a distinctive rich flavor and a high fat content and remains moist after cooking. The best ways to cook silver salmon is to broil, bake, sauté, steam, poach or grill. Click on a link for easy directions for cooking.
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