800px-swaii_sanitwongsei_1The swaii is a form of catfish that is imported from fish farms mainly in Vietnam. Its popularity has increased greatly in the United states since the trade embargo was lifted in 1994.  It is a fish that lives in the rivers and grows up to 4 feet long but the farmed fish are usually sold in the 2-4 pound range. The adult fish is almost uniformly gray.

Often they are sold under the name of pangasius or basa. The basa is a similar fish that is actually a little better in quality so you need to check labels. The basa fish is much more expensive because it takes up to 4 times longer to raise.  The swaii is a very important fish commercially and is sold all over the globe. It resembles the American catfish but usually has a cheaper price which has caused the United States government to be very specific with labeling.  The basa is a mild fish with white meat and a texture similar to the American catfish. The swaii is also a mild fish but the meat is a little darker in color and the fillets are thinner than the basa fillets.

Cooking Swaii

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The best way to cook swaii is to bake, pan fry, deep fry or broil. Click one of these links for easy ways of cooking swaii.
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