Farmed Nile Tilapia, Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Samuel Stacey, 2012.

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The tilapia is a fish that lives in warm, shallow, freshwater streams, rivers and ponds in warmer climates throughout the world. They are a prolific fish and because of their large size, great taste and rapid growth they are quickly becoming the most farmed fish in the world. The fish industry raises tilapia in farms  in over 100 countries and it is the world’s fourth most consumed seafood following shrimp, tuna and salmon.   Ecuador, Honduras and Cost Rica raise the vast majority of tilapia that is consumed in the United States. The United States is starting to increase its farming of them due to the large demand.

They weigh on an average of 2 to 4 pounds however they have been known to reach 9 pounds. It can be found under the names St. Peters fish, blue, Mozambique and Nile tilapia. The taste can depend on the quality of the water from which it is taken. Muddy water can give the fish a muddy taste.  Its flesh is pinkish-white and turns white after cooking.


The tilapia has a firm, flaky, flesh that is very mild in flavor and low in fat. It is not an oily fish but remains moist after cooking.

The best way to cook is to Bake, Broil, Pan fry, Oven fry, Deep fry, Poach or Steam.                                          For information on other fish and how to cook them go to                                                 If you need information on shellfish check out