Tile Fish

Tile fish——click picture for photo credits

The tilefish is a brilliantly colored fish from the Atlantic Ocean that can be found from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico, however they are most abundant north of New Jersey. It is a fish taken both by sport and commercial fishermen at depths of 50 to 1500 feet. The fish basically takes on the taste of what it feeds on. The larger fish normally live in deeper water and feed on shrimp, crab, clams and lobster and therefore take on a taste similar to crab and shrimp. This along with the fact that the larger fish have a firmer texture makes them more expensive per pound as the size increases. The smaller fish have a shorter lifespan and tend to get mushy.

Known as the clown of the sea because of its color, the tilefish is iridescent blue-green with yellow and gold blotches and a white belly. It averages 2 feet in length and 5-10 pounds but has been known to reach 4 feet and up to 80 pounds. There are six varieties of tilefish and the golden tilefish is the most popular. They are  a slow growing fish with a lifespan of up to 46 years. Almost all tilefish is sold fresh. When raw its meat is pinkish-white. After cooking it turns white, firm and flaky with a mild distinctive flavor.


It is a very lean meat that remains moist after cooking. The best way to cook tilefish is to Bake, Broil, Pan fry, Oven fry ,Steam, saute or Poach. Click on a link below for easy ways of cooking.
Bake, Broil, Pan fry, Oven fry ,Steam, saute or Poach.
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