This is a list of fish commonly found in the United States. Click on a fish and it will take you to a page for more information. If you can’t find the fish you want check out regional names for fish. Fish are often found by different names in different parts of the country.  Click on the fish you want and the link will take you to it

Albacore Tuna—–Most people consider the albacore tuna the choicest of the four kinds of tuna.

Arctic Char———A member of the salmon family, the arctic char is is found in cold arctic waters and in some deep mountain lakes in Canada and Europe.

Atlantic Salmon—Atlantic salmon can be found on the east and west coast and in freshwater lakes and streams. There is also some in lakes that do not empty into the ocean

Barramundi——-barramundi is found in both fresh and saltwater in the area from the Persian Gulf to Australia. Another common name for the barramundi is Asian sea bass.


Black Bass——–The black bass is the most popular type of bass found in the United States. There are two species of black bass, the smallmouth and the largemouth.

Bluefin Tuna—-Bluefin tuna can be found in most warm, temperate seas throughout the world. They are abundant from Alaska to California on the west coast of the U. S..

Bluefish———-Sometimes called snapping mackerel, tailor, fatback or skipjack, the bluefish is found in warm coastal waters of the Atlantic from Cape Cod to Argentina.

Bonito———–The bonito can be found on the east coast from Nova Scotia to Argentina and on the west coast from the Gulf of Alaska to Baja California.

Brook Trout——-The brook trout is a member of a large family of fish and can be found under such names as brookie, salter, squaretail, and golden speckled or native trout.

Buffalo fish——-The buffalo fish is a freshwater, carp like fish belonging to the sucker family and found mostly in the mid western states. It is most abundant in Minnesota.

Bullhead———-The bullhead is a member of the catfish family seldom reaching 12 inches in length. It is a freshwater fish found throughout the Midwest in lakes and rivers.

Burbot————The burbot is the only freshwater member of the cod family found in North America. It is found generally in deep, cool, lakes, rivers and reservoirs .

Butterfish——-Butterfish is a fish found on the west coast from British Columbia to California and on the east coast from Nova Scotia to the shores of North Carolina.

Carp————–The carp is a freshwater member of the minnow family found in muddy rivers and shallow lakes in all parts of the United States.

Catfish———-The catfish is a scavenger fish that is found in freshwater lakes and rivers throughout the United States and the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean.

Chum SalmonThe chum salmon is one of the larger members of the salmon family averaging 10 pounds and 3 feet in length and sometimes reaching up to 40 pounds.

Cobia————-Cobia meat is light tan and turns white when cooked. It has a rich sweet flavor with a taste compared to mahi mahi and an oil content compared to salmon.

Cod—————The Cod family has 59 varieties and is one of the most important commercial fish in the United States.

Crappie ——–Crappies are members of the freshwater sunfish family living in waters throughout the central United States.

Croaker——-  The croaker gets its name from it’s ability to make a low croaking noise by contracting muscles around its air bladder. It is a very important commercially.

Cusk ————The cusk or tusk is a saltwater cod-like fish found on the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to the arctic region. It looks similar in to the hake or whiting.

Drum———–The drum is a saltwater member of the croaker family and gets its name because of its ability to make a drumming or croaking sound by vibrating its air bladder.

Eel————–The eel is a snakelike fish with a tubular body and an average length of 2 to 3 feet.

Finnan Haddie-Finnan Haddie is a very popular dish in Scandinavian and Finnish cooking, especially during the holiday season.

Flounder—–The flounder is a large family of flatfish which includes such members as the sole and the halibut.

Greenlings— A family of fish from the Pacific Ocean, greenling is sometimes referred to as rock trout or tommy cod however they are commercially known as sea trout.

Grouper——The grouper is a member of the sea bass family that lives in warm water of the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil.

Haddock——The haddock is a member of the cod family found in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean from Greenland to Virginia.

Hake———–Hake or whiting, as it is sometimes called, is a small member of the cod family which can be found on the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to North Carolina.

Halibut——–Known as “The king of the flatfish”, the halibut is the largest member of the flatfish belonging to the flounder family.

Herring——It is a very boney fish and therefore it is a prime candidate for smoking or pickling. Fisheries sell young fish as sardines which is its most common form found in the United States.

Hoki———-The fish market commonly sells hoki under the name New Zealand Whiting.

Jack Mackerel—
The jack mackerel is most often found canned.  It has a dark colored meat with a distinctive flavor.

King SalmonOne of the world’s most popular fish, the king or chinook salmon is the largest of the salmon family.

Lake Trout—–Being the largest member of the trout family, the lake trout averages 4 to 5 pounds however they can grow up to 100 pounds and 5 feet in length.

Ling————-The ling is a long slender, cod-like fish living in the deep cold waters of the North Atlantic.

Mackerel——The mackerel is a large abundant family of fish and it is a close relative of the tuna.

Mahi Mahi—–The Hawaiians have given the name Mahi  mahi  to the dolphin fish. Not to be confused with the dolphin that is a mammal.

Marlin———-The marlin is considered by many to be the top of the line when it comes to sport fishing.

Monkfish——A member of a family of fish called anglers; the monkfish is widely considered one of the ugliest fish in the sea.

Mullet———-Mullets live in warm coastal waters throughout the world and occasionally enter freshwater streams.

Muskellunge ––A large member of the freshwater pike family, the muskellunge averages 15 pounds although it can grow to 69 pounds and 5 feet in length.

Northern PikeThe NORTHERN PIKE is a freshwater member of the pike family and is a popular game fish of northern United States and Canada.

Ocean Perch—–The ocean perch is a family of fish closely related to the Pacific rockfish.

Orange Roughy—The orange roughy lives in the seas of New Zealand sometimes at depths of up to 3300 feet.

Perch—————Perch come in two varieties. The yellow perch of freshwater and the ocean perch which is a large family of saltwater fish.

Pickerel———–The pickerel has two varieties, the American and the chain pickerel. The American comes in two types, the red fin and the grass pickerel. They are the smallest member of the freshwater pike family.

Pink Salmon—-The pink salmon is the smallest however the most abundant salmon of the Pacific Ocean. It averages only 3 to 6 pounds

Pollack———- Pollack is being used widely in the production of fish sticks and other breaded products and is the most common used fish when making artificial crab meat.

Pompano——-Florida pompano is considered one of the best tasting fish in the ocean. Fishermen often call it butterfish, cobbler fish, permit or palmetto.

Porgy———–The porgy or scup, which it is commonly called is also given the name the salt water pan fish.

Rainbow TroutThe rainbow trout is the most abundant member of the freshwater trout family that lives in cool clear waters throughout the western United States.

Red SnapperThe white juicy meat of the Florida red snapper is one of the most prized meals that the ocean has to offer however it should not be confused with the mis-named red snapper rockfish of the Pacific.

Rockfish—— There are over 69 varieties  in the Pacific Ocean and about as many different colors. They range from black to bright orange.

Sablefish—— Because of its buttery, melting flesh it is sometimes called butterfish. It is often smoked and sold as smoked sable.

There are six types of salmon sold in the United States, the king, silver, sockeye, Atlantic, pink and chum.

Sauger———The sauger is a member of the freshwater perch family. It is closely related to the walleye pike in both taste and appearance.

SeaBass  ——The term sea bass is used for a group of fish which are not all actually bass. The black sea bass and the striped bass are the two saltwater fish that are.

Seatrout—-They are a member of the drum family. Like the drum, it makes a drumming sound with its air bladder during the mating season.

Shad———-The largest member of the herring family it has been known to reach 14 pounds and 3 feet in length although the market size is normally about 3-5 pounds.

Shark——– It has meat that has a taste and texture similar to swordfish although it is virtually boneless.

Silver Salmon—-Silver salmon is a very important fish both for sport and commercial fishing although about 85 percent of all them sold are farm raised.

Skipjack Tuna—The skipjack tuna is found mostly in tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the smallest and most abundant of the tunas.

Smelt———-Smelt  is a small fish distantly related to the salmon family, which has a shape similar to a small salmon. They live in both fresh and saltwater

Sockeye Salmon–The sockeye salmon is one of the smaller Pacific salmon averaging 3 to 5 pounds and 2 feet in length although they have been known to reach 15 pounds.

Sole———-Sole is a very popular fish because of its very mild, tender meat, and is it served in restaurants and homes throughout the world.

Striped Bass— Striped bass naturally spends it’s life in saltwater however they live in freshwater rivers and streams where they go to spawn.

Sucker——-A family of freshwater fish closely related to the carp and the buffalo fish, the sucker is a bottom feeder with thick lips that act something like a vacuum cleaner.

Sunfish———The sunfish is a large family of freshwater fish which includes the bass, bluegills, crappies and pumpkinseeds. However fishermen associate the name sunfish most closely with the bluegills and pumpkinseeds.

Swaii———–The swaii is a form of catfish that is imported from fish farms mainly in Vietnam.

Swordfish——Often called billfish, broadbill or espada, they have a mackerel shaped body with a snout in the shape of a long sword which maks up one third of the fishes total length.

Tautog———-The tautog is a popular sports fish, especially in the Rhode Island area. Many fishermen consider them to be a hard fighting, great tasting fish.

Tilapia———They are a prolific fish and because of their large size, great taste and rapid growth they are quickly becoming the most farmed fish in the world

Tilefish——–The tilefish is a brilliantly colored fish from the Atlantic Ocean found from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico, however they are most abundant north of New Jersey.

Trout ———-There are three main varieties of freshwater trout. The lake trout, rainbow trout and brook trout.

Tuna———-There are four main types of tuna, the albacore, the bluefin, the skipjack and the yellowfin.

Turbot——–The turbot is a member of the flatfish family found primarily in sandy shallow waters close to shore.

Wahoo—-Having a long sleek body with a shape similar to a torpedo, the Wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

Walleye——-Because of its good tasting meat the walleye is a very popular fish for both sportsmen and commercial fisheries.

Walleyed Pollock
Popular fast food chains such as McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Arby’s, Long John Silver’s and Subway use Alaskan Pollock as their primary fish on their menus.

Weakfish——-The weakfish receives its name because of its tender lips which are easily torn by fishermen’s hooks. It is a member of the drum family.

White Bass ——The white bass, sometimes called sand bass, is a freshwater fish that lives in deep lakes and rivers throughout the Midwest.

White Sea BassThe white sea bass is not really a bass. It  is actually the largest member of the saltwater drum or croaker family.

Whitefish——–Closely related to the trout and salmon, the whitefish is abundant in north eastern United States and Canada, primarily in the great lakes region.

Yellowfin Tuna—–The yellowfin tuna is largely marketed as ahi tuna. It lives in most tropical and subtropical waters around the world.

Yellow Perch——-A member of the freshwater perch family, the yellow perch is a first cousin to the walleye pike, the sauger and the darters.