yellow perchA member of the freshwater perch family, the yellow perch is a first cousin to the walleye pike, the sauger and the darters. There are 19 species of perch and they seldom reach over 14 inches in length. They are a very prolific fish that can be found mainly in the eastern half of the United States, going under such names as convict, common perch, striped perch and raccoon. Yellow perch are golden yellow in color with 6 to 9 greenish black vertical bars and can grow to 3 ½ pounds and 21 inches in length.

To cook yellow perch.

2011 02 19 Panko Perch

Fried perch fillets—for photo credits click on picture


Its tender flaky meat is fairly mild in flavor and low in fat. To cook, pan fry, deep fry, oven fry or bake.Click on a link for easy ways of cooking.
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